New Invention / Big Savings
Life of Semi-Trailer Landing Gear Extended

Cross Shaft Innovation, Inc. introduces a new Telescopic Cross Shaft (TCS) Patent Protected. The TCS will absorb axial tension and eliminate compression stress generated in the cross shaft when landing gear is not in perfect parallel alignment. The automatically adjusting TCS will prolong the life of the landing gear. This product has been on the market since May, 2004.

The quick and easy installation of the TCS takes approximately 5 minutes. There is no cutting or drilling involved in the installation, it only requires fastening the TCS to one gear box, extending the TCS to the other gear box and fastening it with the supplied bolts and locknuts. Downtime is virtually eliminated. It is not required to remove a landing gear leg; a driver could simply replace a broken cross shaft without having any special tools or, when hiring a mechanic, the labour costs are dramatically reduced.

“Drivers experience a variety of different circumstances causing cross shafts to fail,” explains Mike Belliveau, CEO, Cross Shaft Innovation, Inc. “The failure of cross shafts often happens when a loaded trailer is ready to be hauled to its destination which causes delays and alters the schedule of the shipment affecting the level of customer service or satisfaction. We recognized this as a major problem and developed a way to eliminate the risks that comes from failed cross shafts.”

Trailer builders are making trailers last longer, therefore the need for longer lasting landing gear is essential to fleet owners.

The TCS is made with high carbon structural steel (ASTM-500C) and has been put through several testing procedures including a five month test module. All results proved the TCS to be an outstanding product. Its square design makes it easy to turn in the event of a broken crank handle.

Cross Shaft Innovation Inc. is a privately held company based in Dieppe , New Brunswick , Canada . The company was founded in 2004 by Mike Belliveau and is nominated for the prestigious 2005 Manning Innovation Award for the design of the Telescopic Cross Shaft.

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